Available courses

ACSP 608 Seminars on Trends in Computing and Technology- 2022
Lossan Bonde

ACSP 608 Seminars on Trends in Computing and Technology- 2022

This course seeks to expose the students to the current trends in computing and technology, considering the practices in industry as well as the research aspect. The main goal of the course is to first help the student to choose an area for their future profession and research work, and second to enable the students to keep abreast with the ongoing trends in research and technological advancement in Computer Science. The topics covered will vary depending on current reliable survey on the trends. Then 10 top trends in computing and technology will be selected.

ECON 610 Managerial Economics
Francis Agyekum

ECON 610 Managerial Economics

The course incorporates a basic understanding of economic theory and analytical tools that can be used in decision-making problems with advanced quantitative techniques used by successful business organizations.  It also deals with the application of economic theory and methodology to managerial decision-making (see AUA Academic Bulletin).

  • [Prerequisites: Principles of Microeconomics and Statistics].

Revision of previous learning in microeconomics course/paper would be extremely useful. Again, knowledge in basic calculus and statistics are required to make use of the quantitative approaches.

  •  Course Objective: The paper is designed to equip both current and future managers with managerial decision-making tools and problem-solving skills that rely on economic theory and its application to real-world everyday managerial problems. The genre is embedded in microeconomic theory and analytical tools applicable to managerial economic decisions. Key concepts to explore include constraint optimization problems demand estimation and analysis and forecasting using regression analysis, production and cost analysis, pricing and output decision.

THST 631  Adventist Theological Heritage - MA MISSIOLOGY 2022
Cedric Lachenal

THST 631 Adventist Theological Heritage - MA MISSIOLOGY 2022

A study of doctrines in which the SDA Church offers relevant contributions to a theological understanding of the Bible, such as the mediatorial ministry of Christ in the heavenly sanctuary, the antitypical significance of the Day of Atonement, the pre-advent investigative phase of the judgment, the 3 Angels’ Messages of Revelation 14, the eschatological remnant, the gift of prophecy, the unmasking of spiritualism, and the message of health reform.